Frontback doesn’t just indulge your selfie impulse. As the name implies, Frontback simultaneously fires your front and back cameras, capturing you and what you’re seeing. There are other similar apps out there, but this just landed on Android—it’s been available for iOS—thus our reason for covering it. Selfie was the buzzword of 2013; what will the word be for simultaneous front and back pictures? Maybe Frontback can coin a new term.

Once photos are snapped, they’re combined into a single image, which you can then share with friends over your favorite social network. It’s like its own self-contained social network, too, allowing users to mention @friends, use hashtags and write short captions. Additionally, locations can be added to photos, giving you a sense of where in the world you’ve selfied.

Frontback comes with a number of other features as well, including the ability to switch between front and back cameras, retake photos, set a self-timer and an option to vertically flip your photos for a more appealing arrangement. In addition to being able to simultaneously fire off the front and back cameras, you can also shoot two different shots with either camera, allowing you to put together some really creative shots. On Frontback’s website, you can see a number of fun examples.

Frontback is available for free on both Android and iOS.