Flint, a popular native client for Campfire on OS X, is now available for iPhones and iPads. If you rely on Campfire (TechnoBuffalo does) for your company’s daily communication, this might finally be the app that actually gets it right; it looks terrific, and promises great functionality without being too overbearing. “A full-featured and simple Campfire client designed to let you do what you need and get our of your way,” the app’s description says.

Developed by Giant Comet, Flint has a ton of features for its first mobile effort. You have options such as: connecting to multiple Campfire accounts, opening multiple rooms at once, designating push notifications to certain keywords, and the ability to view a room without joining. Additionally, Flint supports emoji, highlights messages that mention you (and specific keywords) and even lets you upload images directly from your device. Basically, nearly everything a Campfire user will ever need in a mobile experience.

The app right now is just $4.99, half off of its original price, so now’s the time to get it if you want to use Campfire on the go. At TechnoBuffalo, we rely on Campfire to collaborate and discuss topics throughout the day (or just generally goof off), so it’s nice to see such a highly regarded native client get the mobile treatment. Flint requires iOS 7, and is optimized for the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s.