With nine days left in its campaign, The Apocalypse Now video game is around $700,000 short of its $900,000 funding goal. That mark likely won’t be met, so the developers are taking a different approach.

They started collecting funding on ApocalypseNow.com. That site will stay up through the development of the game, supposedly offering fans a place to gather and follow along with transparent updates as development continues.

The ultimate goal? $5,000,000.

Game Director Montgomery Markland offered this in the statement that brought the news.

“We are making a unique interactive experience with the Apocalypse Now videogame — it’s like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam…The Apocalypse Now team plans to raise $5 million to produce an authentic game that the people want to play.”

Sounds sort of like Star Citizen, without the successful Kickstarter

Star Citizen has been collecting funding during its development in a way that sounds pretty similar to what Apocalypse Now is going for. They raised $2.1 million through a successful Kickstarter, opened their own funding platform and have since made $141 million from backers.

Jeez, that’s a lot of money.

Best of luck to the devs. Apocalypse Now is a damn cool legacy.