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It looks like AOL may be looking to get out of the tech blogging business in one go.

According to PandoDaily, two sources have confirmed that AOL is looking to sell off Engadget and TechCrunch, and may sweeten the deal by throwing in TUAW and Joystiq.  Apparently AOL is looking for a price between $70 and $100 million for what is being referred to as AOL Tech, and at the lower end it would net the company a profit of around $10 million.

Apparently the asking price of $70 million isn't sitting right with potential buyers according to two sources that spoke with Sarah Lacy, a former TechCrunch employee herself.  With mass defections of staff from all of the properties, combined with weak ad sales as of late, no one seems to be biting. AOL is supposedly pumping more money into the properties in an attempt to inflate them back up and make them more alluring, but only time will tell if that will actually work.

As some of the most well established brands in varying fields, here's hoping all of them end up at a good home.

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