Before smartphones and mobile apps, there was AOL and its ubiquitous email service. It’s probably been a while since you heard the words “You’ve got mail” spoken by your computer, but the company is ready to give email another shot with a new app called Alto.

The new email service promises to simplify your life by combining all your different accounts into one beautifully designed inbox. The main page is regular list of emails, along with the option to create a new one or search for a specific message. Alto also offers a Dashboard of important information drawn from your emails, including travel plans and shipping details, similar to Google Now. Another page called Stacks organizes your messages based on categories like Personal, Photos and Files.

Overall it looks like a pretty nice email app, though it’s not like we’re lacking in options at the moment. Alto’s also missing a few popular features, including the ability to snooze messages. If you’re interested you can grab it for Android now, though iPhone owners will have to wait until AOL can cook up an iOS version.