Thanks to the Alanis Morissette classic, I have a hard time identifying irony. Blame that on rain on my wedding day if you like, but I think this here is irony. Denuvo, the company that makes famously tough to crack DRM software for video games, left directories and files on their website completely unprotected.

Yes, a company selling products rooted in security left tons of information on their site insecure. That’s ironic, don’t ya think?

The files are mostly emails, though there’s a lot being discovered as reported by Torrent Freak. One of the more interesting emails comes from Capcom Japan’s Jun Matsumoto. This one’s key because Denuvo was eventually used to protect Resident Evil 7 against piracy, but it was ultimately cracked in days.

Here’s the email, if you’re interested:

This is Jun Matsumoto from CAPCOM Japan. I have a interested in the Denuvo Anti-Tamper solution to protect our game software. If you have a white paper about details, please send me. (ex. platform, usage, price, etc…) And, if you have a sales agent in Japan, please tell me the contact point. Thank you for your cooperations.

Denuvo’shad a rough couple of weeks

Things haven’t been all that bright for Denuvo recently. The company’s been famous for its hard to break DRM, but the crack for RE7 that came last week and this absurd website insecurity stuff comes together to put a big blight on the company’s image.

This whole thing’s crazy. Maybe even ironic, but I don’t know.