The video here is a tough one to watch, mostly because you can hear the completely disappointment and frustration in the developer’s voice. Ant Simulator, a title that was funded on Kickstarter and invested in after its campaign, has been cancelled. The reason? Two of the three developers blew the game’s funding on “liquor, restaurants, bars and even strippers.”

The lead programming, Eric Tereshinski, is the one you hear in the clip. Tereshinski has resigned and, thus, cancelled Ant Simulator.

Tereshinski has to remove all videos from his channel connected to Ant Simulator, including his game development tutorial clips which were exceedingly popular.

According to Tereshinski, it seems like his other two partners had something like this in mind when they drew up their initial contract. Here he is.

“They went over the contract line by line with me and I reviewed the whole thing twice…

…I just didn’t realize they had protected themselves, screwed me (like the fact that they listed themselves as consultants, so they aren’t legally obligated to work on anything, but still have the rights to spend money etc.), and I had no idea what their plan was until it was too late.”

This is awful. Hopefully Tereshinski can get behind another game and start making something fun again. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through right now.