So you want to see more Ant-Man footage? A fresh international trailer for the Marvel flick has been released, and it’s pretty much comprised of all-new footage. I’m not talking one or two new scenes; this thing is basically brand new. New fights, new drama, and more backstory for Scott Lang, a petty thief who wants to do right by his family by becoming the Ant-Man. There’s even a subtle jab at Iron Man—don’t miss it!

Marketing for this movie has started to kick up over the past few days, with some Marvel executives talking about how important Ant-Man will be for the larger MCU. Not only will we see plenty of Avengers mentions, but the technology introduced in Ant-Man should play a larger role in future Marvel movies. It just sucks we still have a few weeks to wait until the movie hits theaters on July 17. Boo.

Once the movie does release, it’s been confirmed that there will be two credits scenes, so be sure to stick around. One of the scenes will likely be setup for something big to come. If you thought the mid-credits scene in Age of Ultron was big, whatever’s coming in Ant-Man will likely be just as important, if not more so.