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Remember the awesome Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 Edge? Well Samsung is back with another Marvel superhero-themed product. Meet the Ant-Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Now don't get your hopes up too much.

See, this isn't as wacky and fun as the Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, which eventually was resold for $91,000. Instead, Samsung's just bundling a gold Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with a few accessories that kind of make it a little more special. There's a unique cover that pops onto the phone and it comes in a unique box.

There's a Fast Charge battery pack included, but it doesn't appear to be themed, and it doesn't look like there's anything else that distinguishes this phone from the regular model. Maybe you'll get some neat ringtones or a theme, but neither seem worth paying extra for.

The 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge Ant Man pack is available for ¥ 5887.00, or about $925.