Leaked Galaxy S III press invite

The Samsung Galaxy S III is undoubtedly one of this year’s most anticipated Android smartphones so far. And despite not actually being unveiled by Samsung at this point, we’ve already seen a handful of images that claim to be the new device. The latest sports a whole new, almost futuristic look, and it appears on a leaked press invite for the Galaxy S III event.

The invite began circulating on Korean websites this morning, according to Phandroid, and it announces a press event for May 22 in London. It also includes just over half of what appears to be the Galaxy S III itself, and it’s unlike any other render we’ve seen so far.

This one isn’t a black plastic handset that’s almost identical to its predecessor, or a two-tone device that looks like it was built for a school project. This one sports a chrome look and a beautifully curved, seamless form factor. For the first time, it looks like a worthy Galaxy S II successor.

Of course, this could simply be an invite created by a Galaxy S III fanatic who wants to create a buzz — like many renders later prove to be. But it seems — at least to me — like it’s the most plausible so far.

Shortly after the picture surfaced this morning, Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief for Mobile-Review, who claims to have actually held the Galaxy S III already, tweeted:

“My comment about this sgs3 pic….hmmm no comments 🙂 what do you think? Real of fake?”

Phandroid believes that could be Murtazin’s way of confirming something he isn’t supposed to. After all, what’s wrong with dismissing the image if it was a indeed a fake?

It looks like we won’t get confirmation until May 22, but do you think this is the Galaxy S III?

[via Phandroid]