We first heard rumors last week that the iPad mini will launch on Nov. 2. Now, another source that is allegedly close to a U.K. retailer that provided accurate information on the iPhone 5 launch has spoken. The site, Geeky Gadgets said it learned from the retailer that Apple will indeed launch the iPad mini on Nov. 2, just 10 days after it announced the tablet on Oct. 23.

We're pretty confident in the date, especially since 9to5Mac was the original source of the first rumor. The site typically publishes accurate Apple information and also said the company will unveil a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display. Several other outlets have suggested Apple may refresh its Mac mini, iMac and new iPad, too. It looks like Oct. 23 will turn out to be a busy and news-filled day, so keep your browsers pointed to TechnoBuffalo.

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