Despite Gizmodo’s hardware teardown of the stolen lost iPhone, there’s still no confirmation of the exact pixel dimensions of the higher res, slightly smaller display.  John Gruber’s sources tell him it’s four times the amount of pixels, or double dimensions of the current 480 x 320.  Engadget has already heard whispers of the HD name but if you need any more evidence that the iPhone is headed for high def, news fresh out of the iPhone 4.0 beta SDK points towards HD video capturing.


Discovered by MacRumors, code within the beta SDK references the current resolution (640 x 480) of video recording found on the 3GS in addition to a much higher 1280 x 720.  That’s right, the next iPhone should support 720p video capture through its rumored 5-megapixel, back facing camera.  Not only would a name like ‘iPhone HD’ fit with it’s higher res display, but it looks like Apple may be doubling up and directing the name towards the possible HD video recording.

With the competition sporting higher quality cameras than ever before, it’s up to Apple to play catch up.  What, you expected them to sit idly by as the Incredible, Legend, and Kin Two leave the iPhone 3GS in the dust?  Don’t count on it.

Will Apple be treating the iPhone like a point and shoot camera?  Where’s the iPod Touch love in all of this?  Let us know if you think they’re on the right path in the comments.

[Via MacRumors]