Last week, a schematic for the iPhone 8 leaked, showing off the device’s upcoming redesign. That schematic is being reinforced by a new leak, which popped up Chinese microblogging site Weibo. So is this the next iPhone?

Probably not.

The leak found on Weibo shows off a two-row chart that reveals the dimensions for the iPhone. The numbers on the left appear to line-up with the iPhone 7’s dimensions and the ones on the right hint at the possible dimensions for the iPhone 8. This hasn’t been confirmed, but let’s pretend that these are in fact the dimensions for Apple’s next flagship.

The design itself is actually plausible. The display features minimal bezels with a much bigger display, and it features the dual-camera setup. But the numbers are giving us pause.

Apple Insider astutely points out if these leaks are indeed legit, the iPhone 8 would be thickest phone Apple has made since the iPhone 4, which was 9.3mm thick. For comparison, the iPhone 7 (and 6s) is 7.1mm thick, the iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thick and the iPhone SE (and 5/5s) is 7.6mm thick.

The biggest backwards jump from Apple was when it made the iPhone 6s 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6 to make room for the 3D Touch technology. Making a device 1.5mm thicker just doesn’t seem like something Apple would do. The company’s main goal over the past decade has been to get thinner and sleeker, not the other way around.

Itcould be an early look, not something that’s final

It’s also important to note the dimensions have been labeled with a EVT o3 numbering. This stands for Engineering Validation Test version 3.0, which indicates the schematic could be a very early design.

The leaks we’re seeing right now might be completely different than the phone Apple releases in the fall. Apple might still be tweaking the design, but it’s very unlikely the next iPhone will be 8.6mm thick.