Another Galaxy S III prototype

I’m almost certain I’ve seen more prototypes and mockups for the Samsung Galaxy S III than I’ve ever seen for any other smartphone before. And with just over a week still to go before the device gets its unveiling in London, there’s plenty of time for more. This one comes from the Chinese forum Mobile1.

Firstly, it’s clear that if this is indeed a Galaxy S III, it’s a prototype built into a dummy case. Samsung would be crazy to release this thing as it looks now; it’s just not pretty, and it’s certainly not a worthy Galaxy S II successor. With that said, we can’t be certain whether the hardware features on this handset are final. For example, this device features a physical home button like the original Galaxy S II, as opposed to a capacitive touch button.

There’s not a lot we can take away from its hardware, then, but there are some interesting things to note about its software. This device is running the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich release, and it has been skinned with Samsung’s trademark TouchWiz user interface. A number of its icons are the same as those found on the Galaxy S II when running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Like the Galaxy Nexus, this handset features virtual Android controls that are displayed underneath each application. It doesn’t feature the capacitive touch buttons seen on older Android devices, and so that indicates this is a fairly new device. Furthermore, it would seem that there’s an additional menu button here, similar to that you’d find on Gingerbread devices. Ice Cream Sandwich typically has just three control buttons, but maybe Samsung feels four is better.

One thing that isn’t new, however, is that Android Market icon, which should now be Google Play, of course.

Galaxy S III prototype front & back

We still have no idea what the Galaxy S III will look like physically, then. But with 8 days still to go until Samsung’s event, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of yet another prototype just yet.

[via Pocket-lint]