Square Enix has confirmed that Steam will be getting another port from its eternally popular franchise, Final Fantasy. However, it is not exactly the one people want to see.

Nope, not Final Fantasy XV… This coming Feb. 6, fans will be able to pick up Mobius Final Fantasy through the digital retailer. The free-to-play game was a hit on mobile phones after promising to bring AAA production values to the palm of your hand, and it now finally brings those visuals to compete with the actual series on a full-blown platform.

After coming to Steam, Square Enix promises that the game will be getting a collaborative event with Final Fantasy VII Remake, meaning we might have some incoming news regarding that project as well.

Players will join Cloud, who has gone astray in Palamecia, on his adventures and see how the story unfolds based on his decisions. Final Fantasy VII fans will surely become fraught with emotion as events unfold in-game.

Mobius Final Fantasy has lights-out performance!

Mobius Final Fantasy will reportedly run at “full HD,” according to Square Enix, meaning it will hit the magic 1080p resolution. However, project leader Naoki Hamaguchi has chimed in to say that 4K support is possible with the title, and it reportedly has the capacity to run up to 120fps through a powerful PC.

Not bad for a little game that could. Data from the mobile version can even be carried over into the PC build. Number crunchers will want to check this one out.

Now, Square Enix just has one another reason to bring Final Fantasy XV to Steam. The rest of the series just keeps piling up, but Square Enix is still silent on the issue. Come on, we’re not dumb! How long is this boring denial going to drag on for?