The Conjuring burst into theaters in 2013, continuing that dominance with its sequel last year. But why stop when you’re on top? With the horror franchise still raking in the money, a third Conjuring movie is going to be made.

The Conjuring 3 has been green lit by New Line Cinema with Conjuring 2 screenwriter David Leslie Johnson returning to pen the script. Unfortunately, the director of the first two movies James Wan will only serve as producer. That’s a shame because he has had a propensity to create some of the most terrifying movies in the last decade. Johnson and Wan are also working together for Aquaman.

The Conjuring franchise has amassed a large worldwide gross of $638.3 million, but that tally jumps up to $895.1 million if you count its first spin-off film, Annabelle. That was the first spin-off of the budding Conjuring franchise that now includes seven films that are either being made or under development.

A sequel to Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation is due out later this summer with The Nun and The Crooked Man—both villains from Conjuring 2—in the process of being made.

With Johnson taking up screenwriting duties, there’s still no word on who will direct the horror sequel. There’s no timetable for when The Conjuring 3 will hit theaters.