Galaxy Gear 2 evleaks

Another picture of Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch has been posted, giving us a glimpse at what the company has in store for Mobile World Congress. We already saw an image of the watch earlier today, but that one showed more of a rose finish; the latest picture shows off a brushed aluminum with a nice looking orange wrist band.

Rumors suggest Samsung is actually planning two separate models—one (or maybe both) powered by Tizen—and the leak from earlier today corroborates those reports. From the pictures we've seen, it sure looks like the Galaxy Gear 2 will fall on the higher end of the spectrum, while the Gear 2 Neo—a name typically designated for the lo-to-mid-range—will be the more affordable option. Think of it as the Pebble and Pebble steel, though the Neo's design appears pretty similar.

We're still not entirely sure how either smartwatch will differ from the last, but let's just hope Samsung won't try and market it as a tool to pick up women. The latest closeup, unveiled by @evleaks, shows a familiar interface and a repositioned camera, which is no longer on the watch's band. There also appears to be a button just below the screen, likely something you can press to program a specific function.

Samsung's first Galaxy Gear isn't particularly old, though it didn't quite leave the kind of lasting impression Samsung would have hoped. This is the company's attempt to show us it can improve upon a device that wasn't particularly great, but certainly showed potential. It doesn't look half bad, now it's just a matter of the company showing us why consumers actually need a smartwatch.