Anonymous has taken on everyone from individuals to major corporations, financial institutions and even the CIA. And now it seems to have added a new entry to its list of targets: North Korea.

A group of hackers claiming to be from Anonymous say they’re not too pleased with the country’s nuclear weapons program. And so, as a response, they’ve hacked two of the country’s official social media accounts and two of its websites. The group also claims to have stolen 15,000 passwords from the country’s news and information site, as well as connected with supporters deep inside North Korea who can help the hackers carry out attacks. (That one’s a bit curious, though, considering the official websites operate from China.)

Well, what we do know is that they clearly managed to break into North Korea’s Twitter account today to post updates on hacked sites, as well as deface its Flickr account with this bizarre image.

Meet the Kim Jong Un pig creature.




It’s not too surprising to see the hackers spurred into action here. In the past, this group has taken aim at Uganda, India, Quebec and other governments and agencies. And Kim Jong Un’s regime has been all over the news lately, thanks to its latest round of nuclear threats lobbed at the U.S. But as fun as this spectacle is, don’t expect Anonymous’ attacks to make a real difference here. The country seems pretty steadfast in its hyperreactive, paranoid approach to foreign policy.