A little over nine years ago, TechnoBuffalo the website was born.

If you weren't a part of the Herd at that time, it was born out of my love for technology. I was already making YouTube videos and saw a future where the written word could really be augmented by the oncoming video onslaught.

I reached out to all the major tech sites asking if I could do video for them. No one replied. Scorned and with my pride hurt, I was just naive enough to think I could do it myself. Along the way, I made more mistakes than I'd like to admit.

Now, almost a decade later, the same passion I have for tech is shared with another love: Nerd culture. As often as I read and research tech I'm scouring for Marvel movie spoilers, digging to find out what project is next for the DCEU, and analyzing toys and figurines to see if they'll give something away. It's long been a dream of mine to launch a new site, different from TechnoBuffalo where the like-minded can go and read about whatever they feel Nerdy about.

Enter TheNerdy.com. A project that's been in the making for the better part of three years.

As a kid, I used to read every comic I could find and would talk about them with anyone who would listen. As I got older, I found I couldn't share this passion as often as I could when I was younger and wanted to change that. The Nerdy isn't just a place for me geek out, it's a place for you to share what you are passionate about.

TechnoBuffalo and my love of tech isn't going anywhere, but now there is a place we can all to talk about the movie news and rumors I follow so closely.

I hope you go check out the site, and I hope it inspires you enough to come back. I know there are endless options for consuming news of any genre but as you choose where to spend your article reading capital, remember the little curly-headed boy reading comics in his room who through some cosmic mystery gets to live his dream.

Welcome to The Nerdy, my dream come true.

And while you're here, we're giving away an iPhone X to celebrate!