You spoke, we listened. TechnoBuffalo now has its own Minecraft server.

Starting Sunday, July 10th, 2011 at 8:30PM EST, the server goes public.

The multiplayer IP address:

Why a Minecraft server?
We actually have a few reasons, and I’m willing to share a couple with you here and now.

You folks asked us to do this. In several of the posts about Minecraft, we received a flurry of requests to start our own server for our community to join. At first we said we’d consider it. Then the prodding kept coming, so we decided to move ahead and make it happen.

But what contributed to that decision, and the largest reason why we decided to go ahead with this, is the fact that we love our community. It sounds ridiculous, I’m sure, but we want you guys to come in and have fun with us. We’re all lovers of tech and gaming, and Minecraft serves as a beautiful marriage of those two ideas.

What makes us special? First off, you know us from our writing and video work. Several members of the staff will be visiting or playing constantly.

Second, we’re coming up with ways to encourage creativity and teamwork. We’ve even started considering build contests and quests for real world prizes.

But wait, there are rules… At the very core of this project is our drive to have fun with you guys; fun is why we’re donning the Operator suits and rolling into the server to enforce great justice.

Our mission is to ensure that TechnoBuffalo’s Minecraft server is a place where folks can come in, build and explore at their leisure, talk to the staff and readers, get creative and have a good time. As such, we’ve put a few rules into place to make sure that all of those things happen without incident.

The rules:

1) No griefing.
2) No cheating.
3) No stealing.
4) No flaming. 5) No floating trees.

Simple, right? We can tell who does what. We have several plugins installed in order to monitor, police and catch griefers, cheaters and thieves. Violate those rules and you’ll be booted for good.

The one plugin we recommend you use liberally is Lockette. Fact of the matter is, this will be a public server. The OPs are only human and won’t be able to handle every jerk that comes on specifically to cause trouble for you and your stuff. So, we found a plugin built to protect the epic goods you craft and find in your mines.

Place a chest or a door and make it private by using Lockette. Follow the instructions in-game as they’ll pop up as soon as you place a chest. You’ll be able to make it so only you and people you trust can open your stashes.

Questions? Problems? Email us. Finally, we’ve set up an email address to deal with whatever concerns you may have while playing.

[email protected].

Drop us a note when you need to, we’ll be checking it daily. While we may not respond right away, the importance of the issue will be noted and dealt with as soon as possible.

And most of all, just come and have some fun!