Anker's Roav Bolt, a car charger with Google Assistant built-in, is now available for $50.

The charger looks like a traditional car charger, with two PowerIQ-equipped charging ports, but it's on the inside where things are a little different. Thanks to the inclusion of Google Assistant, users can bark commands at the Roav Bolt for things like playing music, getting directions, and making hands-free calls.

According to Anker, the Roav Bolt features two specially tuned microphones, so it'll hear you over the whir of the road. It also comes equipped with 4 LED lights to indicate when the device is ready to obey your commands.

The Roav Bolt can connect over Bluetooth or aux input, giving users a few different options. Anker includes a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable with the Roav Bolt, seemingly to encourage users to go the wired route.

Your phone likely supports Google Assistant already. But if you want a more robust solution, the Roav Bolt will make a nice addition for any road warrior.

Upgrade your car

Anker Roav Bolt

Add Google Assistant to your car.

Anker's new car charger features two PowerIQ-equipped charging ports and support for Google Assistant, making it easy to control your music, get directions, and respond to messages.

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