Getting to your car only to find out its battery has died overnight is a major road trip killer, but not if you have Anker's Roav 400A Jump Starter nearby. Today it's down to just $59.99 at Amazon. That'll save you $20 off its regular cost and bring it back to the lowest price we've ever seen it reach.

Take Charge

Anker Roav 400A Jump Starter

This portable jump starter is equipped with a high-intensity LED lamp along with dual high-speed USB ports so you can power your phone up right after jump-starting your vehicle.

$59.99 $79.99 $20 Off

This portable power bank features a 9,000mAh capacity that's capable of recharging gasoline engines up to 2.8L, making it essential to keep in your vehicle's glove box for any potential emergencies. There's a built-in high-intensity LED lamp that will be a great help during the nighttime, along with dual high-speed USB ports so you can power up your phone and other devices with it too. With its IPX5 water-resistance, you'll be safe to jump start your vehicle even in the pouring rain. Anker includes a one-year warranty with its purchase.

Amazon has 130 customer reviews for this jump starter so far resulting in a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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