That's right, a speedrun for Animal Crossing, the original village life simulator that released back on the GameCube and commanded oh-so-much of my free time in college. What a magical game that was.

This speedrun was earned at 22 hours, 49 minutes. It demands paying off all debt, unlocking all items, finding all fossils, fish, everything. This is a 100% complete run, and it was done by Coldeggman.

Though, this wasn't exactly the most exciting stream. Since so many of the items depend on season and other parameters, Coldeggman had to rely on typing in lots and lots of cheats to make it happen. Rivetting? No. Interesting? Sort of.

I find it most compelling that people would even attempt to speedrun a game like Animal Crossing… until I remember just how beautifully nuts this whole internet is. They would totally speedrun Animal Crossing, and who could blame them?

Not me.