Animal Crossing - New Leaf

Those of us who pick up Animal Crossing: New Leaf from all over the world will experience unique customs and unique items surrounding our special parties, festivals and events. Players in Japan, for instance, will enjoy a different take on New Year's Eve than players in the U.S.

Here's what Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Co-Director Aya Kyogoku has to say about about customs being region specific.

"For this game, we included foreign customs for the overseas market, while also including customs for the Japanese version that only Japanese people would understand, such as throwing beans and eating a sushi roll while facing in a certain direction that is considered lucky at Setsubun…

…So on New Year's Eve, we want to eat Year-Crossing buckwheat noodles, but players outside Japan don't share this custom…

We researched what people in other countries do on New Year's Eve, and we also asked our staff overseas. In some places, they make a toast with champagne, and in others they eat a dozen grapes. There is a custom in Spain of eating a dozen grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve."

All of those unique events and items can be shared between players around the world. If you visit a player in Japan during New Year's Eve, you can buy things from their festival that you won't find in your own town.

All of this comes from a recent Iwata Asks interview between Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Aya Kyogoku, Isao Moro and Koji Takahashi. It's a great read if you have time.

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