I've yet to lose my soul to the lovable Animal Crossing universe, but I know a good many people who've built towns and communities that they feel guilty about outright abandoning to an eternity of absent management. While it's true that most games have a limit to how much you can enjoy them before they become boring, the Nintendo 3DS mega-hit Animal Crossing: New Leaf has the extra baggage of over-populating your town with weeds after you walk away for a few weeks.

This means every time you turn the game back on, hard work awaits before you can make it habitable again and bring back all your own friends who've left in disgust because of your neglect. Lazy bums! Weed it yourself.

Actually, that's exactly what's going to happen with this new update. Nintendo is going to create an option that will weed your town for you!

Smart move too because ultimately, more than anything, Nintendo wants you to keep playing the game. Removing any barriers that stop you from getting back in is the smart way to go.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available for the Nintendo 3DS.