Rovio released a new version of Angry Birds on Thursday that adds 15 levels and includes support for the iPad's Retina display. I saw someone playing Angry Birds Space on the subway yesterday and was honestly taken aback a bit. I guess I answered my own question, but does anyone really still play? The game's novelty, for me, has already worn off and I prefer other cheap titles such as Disney's Where's My Water? and Amazing Alex (another Rovio title).

The update includes a new "Surf & Turf" map that, as the name implies, takes place on the beach. The game includes a few tricks along the way to help you get through difficult levels, such as a "Sling Scope" feature for improved aim, a "Birdquake" for shaking pigs and "King Sling" for extra power when you launch those feathery friends. The update is free if you already have it, but otherwise costs $2.99 for the iPad or $0.99 for the iPhone.

An Android update is "coming soon," Rovio said.

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