Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga

It appears as though the connection between Angry Birds and Star Wars will be more than just another iteration of the game as some toys have leaked out a few days early.

As we reported yesterday, a teaser site has gone up for Angry Birds Star Wars. While it was pretty safe to assume that this just meant it would be the next iteration of the game, Amazon Germany jumped the gun by posting a listing for “Hasbro A2845E24 – SW Angry Birds Jenga Death Star TV1. HJ.” As you can see from the image above, there will indeed be merchandise to go along with this new game.

What we can discern from the Jenga package art – and should come as no real surprise – the Pigs will be representing the Empire and the birds will be the Rebels. It also appears the slingshots will be outfitted on the tops of X-Wing fighters to keep with the motif.

In addition to the Jenga game, there is also a listing for “Hasbro A3380E24 – SW Angry Birds Bounce Millennium Falcon,” but there is no image to go along with that product at this time.

The revealing of the products explains why the teaser site said people should look to the Toys R’ Us in Times Square this coming Monday. Apparently all of the products and the game will be announced at the same time.

Update: Idle Hands has come up with some images of additional products.

4 out of 5

It appears there may finally be a clearly female bird as she’s pink and wearing Princess Leia’s hair style.

AT-AT Attack Battle Game

The AT-AT Attack Battle Game will be coming with 12 figures and it looks like the Red Bird will be Luke and the Yellow Speed Bird is Han Solo.

4 out of 5

And the costumes are just disturbing.