For better or worse, Angry Birds is part of the ethos of gaming. Say the name to someone, no matter their age, and you'll almost instantly get a reaction. And that reaction, depending on which camp the person falls under, is either negative or positive, with little room in between. With countless Seasons expansions and even a movie tie-in, the game has begun to feel pretty recycled, despite its charm. Fling a bird, kill a pig. End. Angry Birds Space changes that while adding a whole new element to the Angry Birds universe. And it's still addictive as ever. In this iteration, Rovio has introduced an awesome new setting along with fresh new elements, despite it still essentially being the same game. It's very familiar to start, but the addition of zero gravity, new birds and the galactic backdrop makes the experience feel brand new. Yes, you can still categorize this under "time-waster," but it's still one of the best out there. Angry Birds Space is a very welcome addition to the franchise, and I can't wait to catapult myself through the game's 60 levels.