The physics-based puzzles set on earth were getting, if we're being completely honest, really boring. Now, Rovio's elected to take their cranky bird flinging success story to the final frontier. Angry Birds Space will take the conventional mechanics in Angry Birds and apply them to a host of new physical possibilities in outer space.

Aside from new puzzles, this completely new download will sport new birds, new powers and an extra difficult selection of levels for dedicated fans willing to dump a ton of time into the precise slinging of winged beasts.

In regards to realism… how are these angry birds staying alive? Why can we hear them scream!? Where is our gaming god now?!?!

In case you missed it, Rovio teamed up with NASA a few weeks back in order to announce the new game. The resulting video put a slingshot and a few Angry Bird toys into an astronauts hand while about a real spacecraft. It's cheesy, yes, but it's also interesting.

Angry Birds Space launches tomorrow for the iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms. Will you be snagging it right away, or have you had enough fowl play for one lifetime?