Angry Birds Rio logoIf you're an Angry Birds fan, and who isn't, you'll be happy to know that an update to Angry Birds Rio is on its way.

When the movie Rio came out recently, and was fairly quickly forgotten, the biggest news in the world of tech was that we got a brand new Angry Birds game that tied into the movie.  What was also intriguing was that while the game gave you two full levels, there was also the promise of additional levels through out the year, beginning in May and running through Nov.

Not a whole lot has been said since the game's release, but now that Rovio has released a trailer for the third level, "Beach Volleyball", it looks like things are on track and we'll see that new level coming out soon.  Since we're still early in the month of May, a release this month is certainly not out of the question, and six more months of Angry Birds goodness would not be a bad thing at all.

Do you still have the Angry Birds fever?  Are you ready for another level?