A group of very talented actors are lending their voices to a project that, based on the first trailer, could be an absolute disaster. Watch the trailer above and see for yourself; I’ll wait. Cringe-worthy, no?

I am pretty forgiving when it comes to movies. I love anything that falls into the “so bad, it’s good” camp, but I just don’t know about Angry Birds. When a movie about birds versus pigs comes out, does that mean we’ve reached peak pop culture? Should we simply chuck our smartphones into the trash and get off the grid forever?

Angry Birds was one of those frustratingly addictive games that came out just as smartphones were going mainstream. You’ve probably downloaded the game at one time or another—that’s how ubiquitous the game is in the mobile world. Every man, woman and child knows the name, and they also know the infuriating feeling of being unable to complete a level. Hopefully the Angry Birds movie is much more pleasant.

The Angry Birds movie will explain how the rivalry between the birds and pigs started. As you can see in the trailer, many of the birds already have anger management issues, and the arrival of the green pigs will seemingly be the breaking point.

Who knows, this could be a surprise hit when it comes out next summer. I never thought a movie about Lego could work, but we all know how that turned out. And the animation sure looks beautiful.