Rovio's riled up flock is about to take the world's largest social network by storm. Angry Birds, as explained to Asian tech news site Penn Olson by Rovio's head Peter Vesterbacka, will be launching on Facebook this upcoming February 14th, worldwide.

The game was initially slated to fling onto the network last summer, but was, obviously, delayed.

Rovio is planning some new content and play for the Facebook version of Angry Birds. Players will have access to a fullscreen mode, and they'll be able to use new birds, power-ups and other content. Among the new power-ups mentioned were things like earthquake and special birds. These will be unlocked over time by playing the game, or fans can spend around $0.99 to buy them one at a time.

According to Penn Olson, Vesterbacka stated that Rovio's stance on adding products through microtransactions (like those mentioned above) is that they wouldn't do it if there wasn't interest. They estimate that 40% of players are looking to buy these power-ups and game-changers, compared to the roughly 4% you'd see with other games.

The game will take advantage of the social network platform by encouraging competition with highscores and leaderboards shared amongst friends, family and frenemies. Or, we suppose, friends will yell scores at other friends while adding how much better they are at everything in life.

As if Facebook wasn't distracting enough, right?

At least two of the herd's writing staff have voiced some opinion concerning Angry Birds (I did, along with Sage Lane); where do you stand on this breakout success and its move to the Facebook platform?

[via Penn Olson]