Earlier this year, a Bloomberg report claimed Andy Rubin was making a device that lacked a surrounding bezel. Now, Rubin has shared the first picture of what such a device might look like, and it has us drooling.

Granted, devices with edge-to-edge displays are nothing new. But there's something tantalizing about the prospect of Rubin, who is one of the fathers of Android, making a smartphone from the ground up.

Rubin teased the device on Twitter, saying he's "really excited" about how the device is shaping up.

Unfortunately, the device is mostly obscured in the photo, but it's obvious why it would turn heads. It lacks a surrounding bezel, just as Bloomberg's report said, providing users with maximum screen real estate in a phone with a small footprint. One prototype is said to feature a 5.5-inch display with a footprint that's significantly smaller than Apple's iPhone 7 Plus.

Bloomberg's January report added that Rubin's smartphone would be high-end and compete with the market's most popular flagships.

"It's expected to include high-end materials and the ability to gain new features over time," Bloomberg's earlier report said.

"Eager to get it in more people's hands…"

Rubin and his 40-person team are reportedly testing a number of prototypes, one of which is said to feature a pressure-sensitive screen, metal edges, and a ceramic back. In addition, one device apparently features a proprietary connector that can both charge the phone and expand its functionality.

With prototypes now being tested in the wild, perhaps Rubin will share more details soon. We can barely contain our excitement, and all we've seen thus far is a single picture. Hopefully, we'll get a look at the whole thing soon.