Android Wear is still a lot less customizable than Android for smartphones and tablets, but one place where you'll soon be able to customize Google's new operating system is its watch face. The company confirmed today that it's racing to finish up an official API that will let developers offer their own watch face designs through Google Play.

The upcoming API should make it easy for third-party developers to offer their own watch faces that look the same across different sized screens, work well with the rest of Android, and don't put any extra strain on battery life. Some developers have already figured out how to offer their own custom watch faces with a bit of extra tweaking, but Google suggests holding off until the official API is released. Unfortunately, it looks like that may take a while, and the company notes it might not be available until Android L launches later this year.

The beauty of Android is its open source design, which lets developers tweak the OS in countless ways to change its look and functionality. We're glad to learn Google is opening up Android Wear to developers as well, and we can't wait to see what ideas people come up with to improve the new platform.