Life is more than a little frustrating for Android Wear users right now. Recent updates have failed to address ongoing bugs with reminders and other features, while a new version of the Google app has rendered the Google Assistant completely useless.

Android Police spotted the most recent issue, with countless Wear users taking to the Google Product Forums to complain following the latest Google app update. The problem prevents the Google Assistant from being used for anything apart from simple searches. Asking the virtual assistant to do anything else simply returns a "Sorry, I couldn't do that," error.

For the time being, then, the Assistant no longer creates alarms, sends text messages, or controls your smart devices. You'll have to go back to using your smartphone to do these things because your watch will refuse to co-operate. Some users say, however, that rolling back to an older version of the Google app works for now.

This issue can be added to the growing list of complaints Wear users have with more recent versions of the platform. Others include a bug that falsely marks recurring reminders as completed, another that makes it difficult to setup a Google account, and another that causes characters to be cut off when using various keyboards.

Some of these problems have been around for months now, and although Google has acknowledged them, the company is yet to address them. As for the new Assistant issue, Google says the problem has been "identified" and it promises it is working on a fix, but there's no word on how long it might take to arrive.

If you use Android Wear and you haven't already installed the latest Google app update on your phone, try to avoid it for now.