Google recently released a new Android Wear version 1.4 update that adds new wrist gestures. The software builds on gestures that were already present in earlier releases, which allowed users to navigate through notification cards by flicking their wrists. Now you can do a bit more.

According to a Google support document discovered by 9to5Google, new gestures include the ability to see more details, navigate back, open the apps menu and return to the watch face. The update also includes an option for watches with an external speaker to receive sounds. The speaker needs to exist in order for watches like the Watch Urbane 2 to enable wrist-based phone calls, so it won’t be available for all watches, but the option also allows the watch to read the time and notification cards do you. It’s an option called Audio Feedback that can be activated in the accessibility settings.

9to5Google notes that Google hasn’t yet said which devices will get Android Wear 1.4, other than the Watch Urbane 2 which already has it. The log suggests the new Moto 360 and Huawei Watch should also receive the update.

Hit the source to see how the new gestures work.