Android Wear has arrived. The future of smart watches is here—at least that’s what Google will have us believe. The wearable market has been one of intense interest over the past several months, and leading that charge is Google’s exciting new platform, which is running on devices like the G Watch and Gear Live. From what we’ve seen in person and demonstrated by Google, Android Wear has a lot of potential to grow into a must-have experience for Android owners.

But enough with all the promises. It’s time for Google to put up or shut up. Before that, though, what the heck is Android Wear, and why is it better than something from, say, Pebble, or even Samsung’s Gear 2? We made a handy overview video that explains it all for you.

On its most basic level, Android Wear is a lot like other smartwatch platforms; it feeds notifications to your wrist, negating the arduous task of taking your phone out of your pocket. Things like texts, emails, and more get pinged right to your watch, allowing you to stay connected without having to touch your phone. But it goes beyond just acting as a boring notification stream.

Google Now is integrated into the Android Wear platform, making a more powerful experience compared to what you’d get on something like the Pebble Steel. Not only that, but you can easily control Wear by using just your voice. When you say, “Ok Google,” you can then speak a command, and Wear will ostensibly perform it. Things like, “Will it rain this weekend?” will bring bring up the forecast. You can also ask for directions, see what time it is around the world, and much more.

It goes deeper. With nothing but your voice, you can also respond to texts, instant messages and emails. Again, that saves you from having to take your phone out, bring up the text or email, and then respond by typing it all out.

Going deeper into Google Now, Android Wear also shows you cards for weather, commutes, your next appointment, flights, fitness stats and more. Everything you’d waste your time glancing at is now on your wrist, allowing you to go about your day. Developers are also updating their apps to support the Android Wear platform, too, making your watch even more powerful.

Android Wear is showing a lot of potential, and with continuous improvements, can become the smart watch future we’ve always been promised. These early Android Wear devices just came out, and the Moto 360 has still yet to come. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.