Android Wear only works with Android devices. That’s always been the rule, and until today we didn’t really expect it to change. However, a new report claims Google is almost ready to add iPhone support to its wearable operating system.

French site 01net claims Google is hard at work on a version of its Android Wear app for iOS devices. The update could potentially be announced as soon Google I/O in May, though the company may want to tease the news before then in an effort to compete directly with the Apple Watch launch this April. Either way, this could be big news for any iPhone fans interested in trying out a Google-powered smartwatch.

We’re excited to hear that Android Wear may soon work with iOS, but we can’t help but wonder whether Google’s wearable OS will work as well on a competing platform. Without direct and deep access to your iPhone you probably won’t get the same seamless experience as someone with an Android device. Hopefully, Google can figure out a solution.