Google has been improving Android Wear pretty regularly since it first launched. Now it looks like the company is gearing up for another big update focused on making the most out of your watch face.

Android Police recently dove into the latest Android Wear APK and found some interesting new features. The most exciting is probably interactive watch faces, which let you quickly change the look of your screen, pull up more information or even send a message to someone with just a few taps. Third-party developers have actually be able to pull this off in the past, but once Google officially offers support it should become a lot more common.

It looks like Android Wear is also getting a new watch face option called Together. Basically, it connects you and one other person so you always know what they’re doing. The watch face shows that person’s face in a small bubble next to an icon to show their current activity. Images in the APK include a picture of a car and a running stick figure, but it could also potentially show text, photos or pretty much anything developers come up with.

The teardown also reveals plans for new Weather and Translate apps coming to Android Wear. Weather will show a 4-day forecast, and could exist as a stand-alone native app. Meanwhile, Translate will include an auto-rotation feature so two people can communicate by looking at the same smartwatch screen while still standing face to face.

You can grab the APK now from Android Police, though it doesn’t actually include these features. It’s unclear when we’ll see the new watch faces and apps launch.