With Android 5.1.1 finally rolling out to a wider range of Android Wear devices, Google is reportedly moving its focus to an even larger update. According to Artem Russakovskii, who has proved to be a well-connected source in the past, Google is working to bring some futuristic features to Android Wear dependent on new wearable hardware. Could that be a hint of an exciting new smartwatch to come?

The search giant is reportedly working to provide support for built-in speakers, which means users would be able to take calls on their smartwatch. Not a new idea, but certainly welcome in the Android Wear ecosystem. A major smartwatch competitor just released with this capability, so Google needs to keep pace, even if taking calls on your watch isn’t the most convenient method to chat with someone.

More than anything, being able to take a call on your wrist shouts, “Future!” Or extra nerdy, depending on who you ask. Russakovskii doesn’t seem to know when this feature will be introduced, though he said he’s hopeful of Google talking about Android Wear at I/O next week.

“Hardware with speaker support should be coming soon,” he adds.

If you haven’t seen what’s new in the latest Android Wear update, check out the video below.