Google began rolling out new Android Wear updates for a number of watches last week, and now its Wear companion app for Android is also getting some new features of its own — including the ability to automatically hide card previews to prevent them from spoiling your watch face.

The whole point of buying an Android Wear device over a traditional watch is so that you can see your smartwatch notifications on your wrist. But that doesn't mean we want to see a card every time we look down at them.

For those who like to use their Android Wear watch more like a traditional watch — with a traditional watch face — you can now set card previews to hide themselves automatically, so that when you look down at your device, all you see is the time.

To take advantage of this feature, first ensure you've downloaded the latest Android Wear update from Google Play, then open up the app and dive into the settings menu. Now look for the new "Card preview" option, and set it to "None."

From now on, cards will be hidden on your Android Wear watch, and you'll need to summon them when you want to see them by swiping up from the bottom of the display.

Alternatively, you can continue to let card previews appear, then simply hide them one-by-one — without actually dismissing them — by swiping down on the card from halfway down the display.