Max Payne Mobile has been out on iOS since early April, but it looks like its Android counterpart is to be delayed. Rockstar says we can expect Google Play to get the game "in the next week or so."

Apparently, the delay is due to further testing that needs to be done. When you're talking about Android development, it takes some time to ensure an app will run on as many devices as possible. This follows the trend that we've seen in Android development oh so many times in the past. Instagram and the COD Elite app are two large scale apps that shared a similar fate. This is an issue that Android has frequently taken a beating for.

We're hoping that Rockstar can live up to their promise and bring the game to Android even though they missed its initial April 26th release. The iOS version of Max Payne Mobile is a real treat, and we'd hate to see such a quality game see another setback.

[via The Verge]