The iPhone game Angry Birds has quickly accumulated a cult following as it seems everyone is flinging birds at pigs and loving every minute of it.  Until the last few days Android users have been left out in the cold, but now Android fans can download the popular game for free, ad supported off course. An ad free version will be available later for a yet to be determined price.

Angry Birds will be compatible with Android devices running platform 1.6 or later with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 so most users will have no problems running the game.

Angry Birds, is a game in which a bunch of pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs, and users fling different types of birds in an effort to crush the pigs: Woodpeckers that go through wood like butter, exploding birds, egg dropping birds, and even a boomerang bird. Angry Birds has five stages with fifteen levels in each stage which leads to a high replay value.


The developer, Rovio, has also considered additional merchandising such as a television show, comic books and even a full feature film.  I personally would pay good money for an Angry Birds t shirt as those mean looking birds would gain me some respect with the neighborhood kids.

Do you play Angry Birds and if so what platform? What’s your high score and what level have you achieved? I am personally stuck at 7-14 so if you have any tips to get past this level let me know. What kinds of Angry Birds merchandise would you pay hard earned money for? I can’t wait to see where this discussion will lead us as I know we all take our Angry Birds seriously.