Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4GSamsung’s Exhibit II 4G is having an identity crisis. It’s still a phone that makes calls, sends texts and does the things you expect out of a smartphone. The device, however, apparently is unhappy with its birth name, so it’s making a change. In a rebranding effort, what was once known as the Exhibit II 4G will be henceforth known as the Galaxy Exhibit 4G. Wait, what?

T-Mobile is apparently preparing a “necessary” update that, among a few enhancements and fixes, will change up the phone’s name to the Galaxy Exhibit 4G. Please, don’t confuse the change with the Samsung Exhibit 4G.

It’s unclear what, exactly, prompted the name change. I guess the T-Mobile and Samsung thought the new name rolled off the tongue it bit easier (it does). Has a phone ever changed its name like this after being released? Not to our knowledge.

In any case, the Android 2.3.6 update is scheduled to start rolling out to the Exhibit II 4G Exhibit 4G on May 30 through June 15, so say your goodbyes now if you were fond of the device’s old name.

[via AndroidPolice]