Google on Thursday revealed new tools that are available to developers that will allow them to create better apps for Android TV.

One new tool enables developers to build voice search into their third party applications. That means someone might be able to one day launch Netflix and speak “The Royal Tenenbaums” to query a search for that movie. The support is rolling out in the EPIX app today, and already exists in Sky News, YouTube and Hulu Plus, Google said in a blog post announcing the new tools.

Google also detailed a new feature that will enable developers to create recommendations for content, separate from the recommendations that Android TV already provides. “As an example, EPIX shows hollywood movies,” Google said. “NBA Game Time serves up basketball highlights. Washington Post offers video summaries of world events, and YouTube suggests videos based on your subscriptions and viewing history.”

Now that the tools are available, we should see plenty of additional apps with both new features.