Google on Thursday announced HBO Now, Showtime and CBS All Access are now on Android TV. Even better, Google said Disney Movies Anywhere can now be accessed through the platform as well, while Epix, WWE and UFC are also available. That’s a pretty hefty list of new content—in all, over 50 premium Android TV apps are available to download.

If you want to take Android TV for a spin, your best bet is to pick up the Nexus Player, which you can buy directly from Google for $99. It’s a little confusing for Google to have separate Chromecast and Android TV ecosystems, but it is what it is. Google actually announced a brand new Chromecast this week, which you can pick up for $35.

Google also said TV from Hisense, TCL and “other smart TV manufacturers” are joining the Android TV family. Of course, you’ll need subscriptions to these services in order to actually stream any content, but it’s about time they’ve been added.