NVIDIA tablet gaming

Think your Android tablet's too slow to handle your Angry Birds addiction? Good news! NVIDIA has promised that its quad-core processors will be hitting Android tablets near you by the end of 2011, according to the company's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

According to Huang, the guys at NVIDIA are "the only people seriously on the dance floor with Qualcomm." I'm not really sure I completely understand his analogy, but I'm assuming he means that no other company has advanced this far with the chip maker, and not that NVIDIA and Qualcomm are going to prom together.

Huang says the company's next-generation of processors, codenamed Kal-El, will also be hitting Android smartphones. Though we shouldn't expect to see these until at least 2012.

He also mentioned NVIDIA's plans to enter the mid-range smartphone marketing, moving its focus away from just tablets and 'superphones', such as the Motorola Atrix. The company currently enjoys around 70% of the Android tablet market share, but only around 50% of the smartphone market, according to Huang — which it would like to increase:

"We'll be very pleased if we can be a sizable player in the mainstream phone market."

Quad-core processors will undoubtedly mean the company's market share increases going into 2012 as we continue to demand faster and more capable tablet computers.

I like the idea of our tablets becoming faster and more powerful, with better processors and more RAM, but is a quad-core processor really necessary in a tablet?

Are you looking forward to seeing quad-core Android tablets, or do you think processors this powerful are aren't really needed in our mobile devices?

[via TechRadar, image courtesy of Gizmodo]