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The latest study from the International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that for the first time ever combined Android revenue surpassed Apple’s iPad sales. Tablet profits were split between Android with 46.2 percent and Apple with 45.6 percent, giving Google’s operating system a slight edge over the past three months.

Android’s lead will likely be short-lived however. IDC’s report covers the fiscal quarter leading up to the release of Apple’s newest generation of iPads, meaning more customers likely decided to hold off on buying a new device. With the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini now available for purchase, Cupertino is expected regain its lead during the holiday shopping season, though the ball is in Apple’s court to make sure there’s enough stock to meet demand.

IDC’s report also confirms that the tablet market is still growing rapidly, with 47.6 million devices shipped in Q3, up seven percent since the last quarter and 36.7 percent since Q3 2012. While Apple actually saw a decline in sales compared to Q2 2013, the market grew overall thanks to new Android devices including the refreshed Nexus 7 and Amazon’s new Kindle tablets.