ios vs android windows phone chart

A new report from ABI Research for Q3 2013 breaks down the mobile market between the four biggest players to show how each platform shakes out. As expected, Android still dominates the market, and now runs on 80.6 percent of all smartphones, showing slow but steady growth. Meanwhile Samsung—which in turn dominates the Android market—now ships 35 percent of all Android smartphones, up from last quarter.

Apple's market share didn't budge this quarter, holding a distant but firm second behind Android with 14 percent of all smartphones. ABI notes that the company could see strong growth in Q4 thanks to record sales for the iPhone 5s and 5c, though it's expected to top out at 18.7 percent compared to the 22.6 market share Apple claimed in Q4 2012.

The most exciting race in the smartphone market may be the battle for third. Windows Phone continued to beat back BlackBerry after recently surpassing the Canadian company's market share. Microsoft's mobile OS jumped up by 165 percent compared to last year for a market share of four percent, while BlackBerry is just barely holding on with 1.5 percent.