Smartphones implement a lot of complicated technology these days such as GPS capabilities, augmented reality and even locating itself when it’s lost. Although these are very impressive capabilities, there are still a few bugs in both iOS, as well as Android, that are simply unacceptable. We’ve all heard about the trials and tribulations plaguing the alarm clock application on Apple’s iOS devices. The most recent where a single alarm would not trigger between Jan. 1 and Jan. 3, 2011, while repeating alarms were not affected by this little bug. I guess this is a valid excuse to be late for work at least one day.

As annoying as the Apple alarm clock issue is, a little Android bug has been discovered that could cause more trouble than just being a few minutes late to work. For some versions of Android, the OS has been android-sms-smallerhaunted with a bug in the text messaging system which could potentially send a text message to the wrong contact.

There appear to be a few modes that will cause this failure, but one that has been discussed on Android user forum boards involve being routed to the wrong thread, so if you aren’t paying attention you could send a message to the wrong contact. This bug is easily fixed if you can remember to look very closely at the text thread and confirm it is correct.

The more serious text bug, which is an open issue in Android’s bug tracking system, is where sent text messages will appear in the correct message thread and still end up going to a different contact altogether, even a contact that you have never sent a text to before. The only way to confirm would be to pull up the message details screen after the message has been sent.

Apparently Google has tried to remedy this bug for quite some time, but have yet to figure out a resolution.

Android users, my suggestion, refrain from texting questionable content as that derogatory comment about your boss, that is intended for your girlfriend, might just be redirected to your boss. If you’re doing a friend with an iPhone a favor and texting a wake up call, you might just want to dial the phone instead.

Android users have you experienced this texting bug? How did you discover the error? Let me know in the comments below.